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Carrer Illa de Cuba, 13

Sitges (Barcelona), Spain

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The hotel medium renaixença is located in a historic building in the center of Sitges, just a few minutes from the beach, the entertainment centers and the train station.

All decoration follows the modernist style of the nineteenth century, both the rooms and the large garden, where you can relax in a unique setting.

The hotel offers a breakfast buffet served in the garden or in a hall at the hotel medium romàntic (next to the hotel). Complementary water at the minibar, in each room.

Rooms are spacious and equipped with all facilities to live a comfortable stay. Some of them have a terrace overlooking the garden.

The hotel doesn’t have a lift. Guests should check-in and check-out at the hotel medium romàntic.

Hotel in the centre of Sitges

Our highlights

Enjoy the interior gardens

Enjoy the interior gardens

Enjoy the interior gardens

En todas las culturas el jardín representa un espacio donde mantener el contacto con la naturaleza y disfrutar de la belleza.
Time stops, and it is possible to dedicate to oneself: to relax, to talk quietly or to read a book.

Sitges Beach Club

Sitges Beach Club

Sitges Beach Club

Reserve your sunbeds and parasols from our Sitges Beach Club and enjoy the La Ribera Beach, the most central and emblematic beach in Sitges.

The history

Facade of the hotel medium renaixença

In Can Robert

The hotel medium renaixença is located in a building by the name of Can Robert (also known as Casa Antoni Robert i Camps) which was built between 1894 and 1899 by the architect Salvador Vinyals i Sabaté. It is considered an example of Eclecticism because of the different styles and trends that come together in its architecture and décor.

One of the oldest hotels in Sitges

In contrast to what has happened with the medium romantic and medium-sitges park “sister” hotels, Can Robert was a private home for only a short time, and at the beginning of the 20th century became the Hotel Renaixença. The name of the hotel refers to a cultural period (La Reinaxença, which advocated a revival of the Catalan language and culture) that was considered to be overtaken by the Modernism of the time. The facade of the building is the Reinaxença element of the building. The décor, on the other hand, is modernist.

Hall furniture of the hotel medium renaixença

Passion for art

The history of the Hotel Renaixença merged with that of the Hotel Romàntic when its owner, the charismatic artist Gonçal Sobrer, acquired it in the 1960s. Since then, the two hotels have journeyed together until present times. The two hotels share the same management, often the same guests and the same philosophy. They are  both filled with works of art that give them a unique character in Sitges.

When, in 2016, medium hotels took over their management, both hotels underwent renovation works that respected the original décor and didn’t affect the architectural aspects. Our most loyal satisfied customers can still breathe in the atmosphere of 100 years of life in the hotel medium renaixença, just with more modern comforts, of course.