Breakfast Buffet

For a great start to the day, enjoy our breakfast buffet.

Every morning in the hotel medium valencia we work to offer you a wide and varied range of food.

We combine our own homemade dishes with the products we receive daily from trusted suppliers. Together we share the same taste for healthy and tasty food.

We include dietary products, as well as products suitable for coeliacs and vegans.

In the buffet you’ll be able to find:

Breakfast at hotel medium valencia
  • seasonal fruit
  • natural orange juice
  • fruit juices
  • top quality pastries
  • a selection of cakes
  • mousse, custard and pudding
  • a selection of breads
  • mini sandwiches
  • butter
  • jams
  • cream cheese
  • cocoa cream
  • honey
  • virgin olive oil
  • salads
  • fresh tomato
  • bacon, sausages and beans
  • sautéed mushrooms and green beans
  • omelette
  • scrambled eggs, cooked and poached
  • a selection of sausages
  • a selection of cheeses
  • a selection of syrups
  • a selection ofmilk and vegetable drinks
  • cereals
  • yoghurts
  • coffee
  • infusions
  • chocolate
Breakfast at hotel medium valencia

Breakfast is served on weekdays between 7:00 and 10:30, and at the weekend and national holidays from 7:30 till 11.