• Cathedral
  • Old quarter
  • Portal de Serranos
  • Carmen Quarter
  • La Lonja

The ideal starting point for the tour is Valencia Cathedral. A monument that is outstanding for its three colonnades, each in a different style: Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque. Here also we can see its bell tower, the “Miquelet”, which governs the whole city. After visiting this monument we can stroll through the streets of the old quarter while heading towards Portal de Serranos, on the banks of the river. This gateway was an entry to the city when it was still walled. From here we see the course of the Turia River which, after the floods of 1957, was re-directed outside the city. Now the people of Valencia can take advantage of the space it occupied to practice sport, ride bicycles, etc. A few steps from here is the famous Carmen square, the heart of a neighbourhood of the same name. This is one of the most famous areas in the city, known for its nightlife and small shops. Turning south along Serranos street we will come to one of the most beautiful monuments in the city, the Lonja, this fascinating building was constructed in 1483 by Valencian merchants and was home to the consulate of the sea, a symbol of the economic power of the city and one of its most attractive Gothic monuments.