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The “Oasis of Sitges”

It’s amazing how guests from all over the world sum up their experiences in a very similar way. We often find opinions about our hotel which describe it as an “oasis” within the bustling city centre of Sitges. Another very common name ascribed to it, especially among Britons, is the “hidden gem of Sitges”. In both cases, the guests highlight the peace and tranquility they experienced in the interior gardens and the pool area.

It is an enclosed area, comprising the three buildings that make up the hotel. One of them, with its characteristic turret, is an indisputable part of Sitges’ “Route of the Indians”.

From private house to hotel

The modernist architecture and décor, plus some typically colonial elements, such as the garden’s palm trees, are typical features from the period the hotel was built in. In 1896, the prestigious architect Gaietá Bohigas built the house, which was intended for the family of Severiano Virella Casellas, an “Indian” who had just returned to Sitges to enjoy his earnings obtained overseas.

Until the 1930s, “Can Severiano” was simply a private home, which its owner named “Villa María” after his daughter. After this it was converted into a school. Only in the Sixties did it finally become a hotel, playing a prominent role in the tourist boom in Sitges, and under the name Sitges Park Hotel.

Finally, in 2012, medium hotels took over the hotel and started the job of returning it to its former glories. Their renovation works sought to capture the sensations that this unique setting evokes. The sensations of radiance, calm and stillness, that make this place an oasis of peace in the centre of Sitges.

The tower of the hotel medium park of sitges a century ago
The old hall of the hotel medium sitges park
Sitges a century ago