Noucentista building of the hotel medium sitges park

hotel medium sitges park ***

The medium sitges park hotel is located in the picturesque and vibrant old town area of Sitges. In a modernist building heralding from the late 19th century,

Its excellent location means you are less than a 5 minutes walk from the beach, the many entertainment venues and the train station.

It also boasts a lounge bar and a garden with a pool.

Carrer de Jesús, 16

Sitges (Barcelona)

Tel. +34 938 94 02 50

Lounge Bar hotel medium romàntic

hotel medium romàntic **

The hotel medium romàntic is situated within two modernist villas that preserve their 19th century décor. In the communal areas and the rooms you’ll be able to admire its impressive collection of works of art.

Its garden area is one of the most charming places in the whole of Sitges: a dreamy setting where you’ll really be able to relax.

The hotel is located in the heart of its historic city centre – just five minutes from the beach, the leisure and entertainment venues and the train station. It offers a delicious hot breakfast, which is served in one of the dining rooms or in the gardens.

Carrer de Sant Isidre, 33

Sitges (Barcelona)

Tel: +34 93 8948375

Entrance of the hotel medium renaixença

hotel medium renaixença *

The hotel medium renaixença is located in a historic building in the centre of Sitges. All its décor reflects the  style of the 19th century modernist movement, both in its rooms and throughout the extensive gardens, where you can relax in its unique setting.

The hotel offers its guests a breakfast buffet that is either served in the gardens or in a dining room in the hotel medium romàntic (located directly opposite).

Guests need to check in and check out at the hotel medium romàntic.

Carrer de l’Illa de Cuba, 11

Sitges (Barcelona)

Telf: +34 93 8948009

Route of “The Americanos”

  • Casa Severià Virella /Villa Ana
  • Mercat de Sitges – Sitges Market (now Casa Bacardi)
  • Casa Ferrer Torralbes / Villa Anita
  • Casa Sebastià Sans Bori
  • Casa Joan Robert i Brauet
  • Casa Bonaventura Blai / Villa Avelina
  • Casa Bartomeu Misas

We present a tourist itinerary to visit the architectural jewels of the period of the “Americanos”, people from Sitges who emigrated to Cuba in search of fortune between the end of the 18th century and the first part of the 20th century and who, on their return to the town, invested a large part of their savings in the construction of buildings and mansions.

Begin the tour at the hotel medium sitges park, previously Casa de Severià Virella, or Villa Ana, then turn right and take the first street on the left. This is where Calle Illa de Cuba begins and where we can see Casa Sebastià Sans Bori (halfway along the street) and Casa Bonaventura Blai (at the intersection with Calle San Gaudeni).

At the end of the street, turn left into Avenida Artur Carbonell, where you can see Villa Havemann or Ave María, with original modifications by the architect Josep Doménech i Estapà.

A little further along is Villa Subur, much more modest but equally charming.

In Pla de l’Ajuntament, we find Casa Bacardi (the old Sitges municipal market) that houses an exhibition of the life and work of the local entrepreneur Facundo Bacardi i Massó, known for making his fortune with the famous Bacardi rum.

Continue along Calle Santiago Rusiñol to number 33 and Casa Ferrer Torralbes, where our tour ends.

Maritime Walk Sitges
Villa Anita Sitges

Itinerary through the old quarter and museums

  • Casa de la Vila (Town Hall)
  • Municipal market
  • Old wall of the city
  • Sitges Church
  • Monument to Dr. Robert
  • Cau Ferrat Museum
  • Maricel Museum

Going back to the origins of Sitges only requires strolling through the old quarter where we find the ruins of the city wall (in neighbourhood of the fishermen) and the contributions that modernism and later periods left us: the Casa de la Vila (Town Hall), the old municipal market (Casa Bacardi), the Santiago Rusiñol Popular Library, and the monument to Dr. Robert beside the Church.

The old quarter also has two of the museums in Sitges: Cau Ferrat museum, the house-cum-studio of Santiago Rusiñol and the Maricel Museum, Maricel Palace is in front of the two museums.

The Cau Ferrat museum was the summer residence of Santiago Rusiñol and temple of his ideology of Total Art. It houses an important collection of paintings by Rusiñol and other artists who, like him, began what is known today as modernist art.

The Maricel Museum, located in an old 14th century hospital, was renovated by the engineer Miguel Utrillo i Morliusis as a place designed to ensure conservation of the Charles Deering art collection.

Sitges Center
Old town Sitges

Calle del Pecado

Sitges is not only art and good food: it also offers alternatives for people seeking more intense emotions.

It has its well known “Sin Street”, in reality called Calle 2 de Mayo, which is the meeting point for all residents of Sitges and where the night begins. The street is packed with night clubs and bars, including Bar Pachito of the Pachá Group. There is also a “Gay Sin Street”, Calle Bonaire, where the night clubs are aimed at the gay & lesbian public.

Calle del Pecado