• City of the Arts and Sciences
  • Serrano Towers
  • Music Palace
  • Museum of Fine Arts
  • Biopark

This is a tour of the futuristic Valencia. One of the most attractive areas for tourists where we can see the recent changes that have taken place in the city, placing it in the vanguard of architecture.

You can begin the tour at either end of the river, but we have decided to start at the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias (City of the Arts and Sciences). The area was designed by Santiago Calatrava and inaugurated in 1998. It comprises different buildings, the most outstanding being the “Hemisféric” and the “Oceanogràfic”, the largest aquarium in Europe.

Continue walking along the old course of the Túria River converted into a park after the river was re-directed outside the city after the 1957 floods. As you can see, the course of the river has become a place where the citizens of Valencia enjoy themselves, get together, stroll or practice sports. Half way along our walk we pass by the Serrano Towers and the beautiful Palau de la Música (Music Palace) with its acoustics praised by numerous artists. We can also make a detour to the different museums located in this area, including the modern art museum (IVAM) or the Museum of Fine Arts, both offering a large collection of paintings by such famous Spanish artists as Velázquez, El Greco, Murillo or Goya.

Finish the tour in one of the most modern open zoos in the world and the largest in Europe. The concept of a Biopark is that we enter the animal’s habitat and not the other way around as occurs in the majority of zoos. We can see lions, hippopotamuses, giraffes and elephants in their natural environments surrounded by the vegetation of their area, and without any barriers or cages.

It is also possible to take this tour by renting a bicycle at any of the numerous kiosks along the river.